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Choose from our personal photo engraving gifts

We make from your precious memories an original and personal photogift. Every moment that is wished to be rembered forever, My Personalised Photogifts makes it possible. With years of experience, your photos and memories are in the right hands, photo engraving and lasering will keep all your memories alive!

We engrave your photo or logo in different special photo gifts. You can choose from our large collection photo jewellery such as: golden and silver photo charms, photo pendants with gold/silver chain, golden and silver photo medallions, photo key rings, golden and silver necklaces and bracelets, engraving of your photo in an original zippo lighter, signet rings with photo and much more!

We laser your photo or logo in real crystal glass (2D and 3D crystal glass) and engrave your photo in various types of mirrors. If you would really like to give a unique, special and personal gift then crystal is the best option. 100% satisfaction guarantee in an ashtonishing and high quality item.

Our special and personal gifts are adecuate for:

Birthday presents, birth or death of close ones, Valentine presents, Mother's day present, Father's day presents, personal Christmas presents, Saint Nicholas presents, your precious pet, and/or surprise and personal relationship gifts.

You can engrave photos for yourself of for example: yourself, love one(s), (grand)sons/daughters, (grand)parents, favourite sporthero, idol, pet, and/or company's logos!

Happy Valentine
Happy Valentine

~ Happy Valentine ~


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