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My Personalised Photogifts: Agent, online seller or distributor

My Personalised Photogifts is available and within reach for anyone who is interested in keeping people's memories alive with products that are high in quality and innovative. Our agents and distributors have an extended background; from shop owners and jewellers, to account managers and (ambulatory) sellers. The thing that all have in common is the trust in our products, philosophy and enthusiasm.

My Personalised Photogifts starting package:

  • The starting package contains a modular stand; it includes a display of one of the engraved products.
  • More than 1.000 catalogues
  • A personal internet address with access to our domain
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 10 order-books
  • All the years of experience of My Personalised Photogifts in terms of: Products, marketing & sales and expertise!

What do you need?

  • A computer, scanner and internet access, thats all!

How does it work?
Many of our agents and distributors (temporaly) rent 2-4 m in shopping centres, markts and schools, and then they sell My Personlised Photogifts directly to the consumer. Resellers, such as photo businesses or jewellers, usually take our product line in their assortment. Every order is then placed and handled through e-mail/online via My Personlised Photogift. Through a personal My Personalised Photogifts e-mail, you receive a confirmation and order number. My Personalised Photogifts processes, handles and ships to the given (by you) address.

Specific places which are very often visited or popular; baby centres, midwifery practice places, places where school photos are taken or where weddings occur, companies' parties, are the perfect places for promoting and selling our items.

There are many shops where repeatitive purchases happen. Most of the customers that placed an order, will then go back to purchase more items. After a while, you will notice that customers will send you their photos by e-mail or mail. Selling and promotion threw good references and a mouth-to-mouth promotion technique has been shown to be the most successful way to sell and grow.

My Personalised Photogifts discount conditions
Our agents and distributors receive a discount depending on the amount of orders made. The more orders made the more discount/commission you will receive.

Interested? you can register for agent and/or distributor.
You can easily sign up through My Personlised Photogifts registration form, below.
After we receive the registration form, we will contact you.

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