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Christmas present: Would you like to order a Christmas present?
Order your Christmas presents by My Personal Photogifts

Buying a Christmas present nowadays is not so easy.
An standard Christmas presents is of course available everywhere, but actually that is not the problem.

The challenge is to find an original, special and personal Christmas present.

My Personalised Photogifts has a large product portfolio for various Christmas presents. We have more than 400 different Christmas presents in our product portfolio..

What do you think about:

- A charm bracelet with photo charms?
- A photo necklace or an engravement of a photo on a pendant?
- Engrave photo with a key chain?
- A zippo with photo?
- Engrave mirror with photo?
- A photo in crystal glass?

Choose, therefore, for an original, special and personal Christmas present.


Order your Christmas presents by My Personalised Photogifts

The Christmas presents can be ordered thoughout the whole year.
Can you still remember the Christmas presents that you have received in the pass?

Can you still remember what present you received and from whom?
If that is not the case, then the Christmas present did not impress you that much.

A personal Christmas present of My Personalised Photogifts is a special and original present which will be remembered forever.

Why? because a Christmas present of My Personalised Photogifts is also a personal and original present.
The lucky one that receives your Christmas present will enjoy it forever!

What do you think about a photo mirror, a beautiful crystal with a photo, a gold/silver pendant or a charm bracelet with photos? a necklace with photo? or a personal key chain with a photo? or a nice Zippo with a photo?

Our Christmas Deals

This year we have also selected a large variety of Christmas presents for you.
Check our webshop and order today your special Christmas presents by My Personalised Photogifts.

We can deliver within 5 business days to your house or office if you choose for express delivery.


We wish you Merry Christmas, many Christmas presents and a happy New Year!


~ Christmas ~


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