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Did you know that...?

  • Multiple surveys show that photo presents are seen and appreciated as personal and original presents
  • You can also engrave and laser fingerprints, footprints and/or handprints
  • Most of the people order their Valentine's, Mother's, Father's and Christmas' presents on time?
  • Our customers also choose our photo presents as birthday presents?
  • Finding an original/unique present for grandma and grandpa is really easy?


  • There are different types of engraving and lasering?
  • The patented and self-developed dot-by-dot engraving technique of My Personalised Photogifts gives the best results?
  • Our engraving technique is the most copied but has never been equaled?
  • Our special developed engraving and lasering machines fully automatic and computer managed your photos engrave and/or lasers?
  • We always guarantee high quality?
  • The Quality, pixels and resolution of your pictures actually define the final engraving and lasering result?
  • The engraving of a face with our specialized engraving machines takes about 30 minutes?
  • Your photo is engraved or lasered with an accuracy of 0.15mm?


  • Google has appreciated our quality and website, and My Personalised Photogifts is seen as an authority in the field of photo, jewellery and zippo engravings?
  • Many of our customers leave a message in our guestbook?


  • My Personalised Photogifts regularly adds new products to our extended product list?
  • My Personalised Photogifts is specialised in the engraving of jewellery and gifts for more than 12 years?
  • My Personalised Photogifts operates in more than 16 countries?
  • My Personalised Photogifts offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
  • You have a life guarantee on our gold pendants?
  • My Personalised Photogifts has a specialised team that handles/opperates/manipulates your photos with care?
  • My Personalised Photogifts assembles your photos and erases any traces?
  • You actually do not have to do this yourself?


  • Your order is processed and engraved within 48 hours, even in the weekends?
  • Your express delivery order is processed within 24 hours, 7 days a week?
  • Your order is sent as soon as we receive the payment?
  • Express delivery orders are delivered within 5 business days with/via DHL?
  • Your are kept updated of all the process and status of your order?
  • You can also follow the status of yor order on the website onder the link: My Orderstatus?
  • Your express delivery orders are packed in gift paper?
  • My Personalised Photogifts offers a live chat service?
  • You can contact (call) us for free via Skype?