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My Personalised Photogifts: FAQ

Here, we hope to answer all your questions regarding our products and services. If a question was unclear or you have any questions, please contact us.

What is the status of my order?

You can ALWAYS check the status of your order and shipment on STATUS OF MY ORDER. It is also possible to find answers to questions, such as:

You can find everything on STATUS OF MY ORDER!
Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions (apart from the ones above) and not if:

  • You have not checked STATUS OF MY ORDER
  • The standard delivery time (10 business days after receipt of payment) has not yet passed.
How long does it take for the products to be delivered (to my house)?

For more information regarding delivery times please check:

The process and delivery of your order takes 7-10 business days, this period starts from the moment the full amount has been paid.
In case that customers want to receive the order faster, it is possible to choose for an express delivery order. We then process your order within 24 hours and the item(s) is then sent via DHL Express to your house. Customers will then receive the item(s) within 3-5 business days. IMPORTANT: Express delivery orders for mirrors and 3D crystal glass are unfortunately not possible. For more information about express delivery please click here.
You can follow the status of your order on: STATUS OF MY ORDER. Please wait till the standard delivery period has passed before you contact us.

What photos are required/adviced?

For more information regarding photo quality please check:

We usually work with photos that are sent via e-mail. For engravings, we give customers the opportunity to send us .JPEG files between 100 KB - 2MB. It does not matter if the photo is in color or black and white because this does not determines the quality of the final engraving.

If you decide to send us the photo by post then the size of the photo might vary from a A4 format to a passport photo format. We scan the photo for you and send it back to the stated return address. IMPORTANT: You have to send a stamped envolope with return address together with the photo. Please state your name, address, place, and order number behind the photo.

IMPORTANT: The quality of the engraving depends on the quality of the photo. If you provide/send us a photo with poor quality and sharpness, low resolution and/or less than 100 KB then the final result will be affected. Avoid any photos with these characteristics and we will ensure a high quality and good engraving item.

Photo Quality
In case we check your photo and see that it does not fulfill the requirements and/or believe is not an appropiate photo for engraving, then we will contact you for further instructions.
Is it possible to engrave or laser different people in the same product/item?

Yes, it is.
The size of the chosen product determines the amount of faces that can be fitted on an item. For example, on a round key chain (ref K05/06) 10 faces can be fitted (5 faces on each side). On the other hand, on our largest jewellery MG08 8 people can be engraved (4 on each side). The bigger the chosen crystal is the more faces, animals/pets, family members an/or logos can be engraved.

Jewelry Engraving
Please bear in mind that the more space there is for a person/face the better and sharper the final result will be. Due to this, we do not engrave more than 2 faces per side on small medaillons, such as the MH01. On medaillons such as the MG03 no more than 1 face.
IPORTANT: The maximum amount of faces that can be engraved per product/item is given during the ordering process.
Photo Etching
If I choose to engrave different people in the same product, do they have to be on the same photo?
That is NOT necessary.
You can send us as many photos as it is necessary to engrave what you desire. Our technical team will edit and photoshop the photos in a proper manner so it can be engraved and lasered for the best results. For example, if you have a photo with three people on it but you only want to engrave two, then during the ordering process you can state which ones, for example, the middle, left or right one.
How is the photo edited?
Your photo will be edited in the best possible manner in order to provide the best and sharpest result. To achieve this, we focus on the face (we do NOT engrave standard body parts or backgrounds unless you state it so). To add, we replace the background for best results.
How is it engraved in metals and lasered in crystal?
Please read here our engraving and lasering techniques.
What gives the best result: engraving in silver or gold?

There is no difference.
The end result of the engraving in either silver or gold is the same. The choice between silver or gold is based on personal taste.

How long does the engraving last? Does it fade away?

Some engravings come with a lifetime guarantee, we provide a high quality service which ensures you that the engraving will not fade away. By using a fully automated diamond engravement point-by-point technique we can ensure items which are scratch free. We usually get complaints from people who once bought in a jewellery or markt a pendant with an engraving of their desired photo. They stated that the engraving started to fade away and wear out after couple of months. This happens because these businesses use a different engraving technique. Our technique  engraves with a 0.15mm accuracy and in different depths ensuring a high-quality-lifetime product/item.

Important: Our gold items (9, 14 and 18 carat) come with a lifetime guarantee.

Is it possible to engrave text?
Yes, Indeed. We can engrave fotos and text in crystals and mirrors. This way, you are able to create a personal present. Please inform us what and where you would like to have the text to be engraved.
Text Engraving
Can the product be shipped all around the world?

Please click here for more information regarding the shipments of items.

My chosen product is out of stock, when will it be in stock again?

Sometimes there are some items which are out of stock due to high demand. It does not take longer than 2 weeks for the item/products to be available again. It is advisable to constantly check our website for any updates.

Is it possible to laser my 2D photo as 3D in a crystal glass?

Yes, It is possible. The result will look something like this:


With the use of 3D photo technology and the best lasering techniques we can portrate your 2D photo in 3D in a crystal glass. Let us impress you with the perfection of our products; fascinating vivacity and clarity in combination with contrasts which combined show the smallest detail. How does it work?
With the use of our computer controlled lasering machines we are able to laser the desired object inside the crystal glass. It is also possible to laser logos in 3D; then the customer is requested to provide an autocad file (.dfx). For 3D logos production, the costs vary from 99 EUR which are separetly added to the bill. The exterior of the cristal item will stay very smooth and scratches free. The item will look as a hologram inside the crystal cube. With 3D photos it is possible to make the object visible from different angles.

Is it possible to order different crystal glass sizes?

Yes, it is possible. If you send an e-mail regarding the costs then we will send you the actual costs for the size required.

I have my own object/piece (Zippo, pendant, ring, watch, etc) Is it possible to send it to you for engraving?

Yes, it is possible. Please bear in mind the extra shipping costs of your item to our factory; express shipping 99,95 EUR, prodution 24.95 EUR, engraving 14.95 EUR per face and $$$ per text line. Usually it is cheaper to buy a new prodcut. Please send us an e-email and we will send you the total costs.

How do you laser in crystal glass?

We laser, as standard procedure, in 6-8 different layers, that ensures a dip and fine laser structure. The more layers are used, the better the quality will be (also the longer the process takes). We use only the best crystal (K9) for lasering. For all our lasering projects, we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Once I bought a pendant elsewhere but the quality of the engraving was poor and not sharp enough. How do I know that this is not the case with your products?

Unfortunately, we hear this very often. We pocess fully automated and computer controlled engraving machinery, the engraving point-by-point technique ensures sharpness and high quality results. What you and others see elsewhere are just standard engraving machines that make 1 dimensional engraving with only one layer dip. This is not scratch free, therefore, it fades away and wears out. Next to this, we use real silver and gold, not cheap and low quality metals. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please take into account the quality of the photo that you would like us to engrave. The sharper the photo the better the final result and quality will be. Please read our 'photo quality', 'examples' and 'Important: Imitations' sections.

Is it possible to engrave a (company) logo and/or other symbols?

Yes, it is possible, as long as you are able to provide us with a digital photo/image (.JPEG). Please bear in mind our photo requirements (minimum 100Kb for engraving and minimum 200Kb for mirrors and crystal).

Is it possible for you to send me an offer?

Yes, it is possible. We could send you an offer if it is regarding large orders. The prices of our products are shown on our website. The extra costs for the engraving of a face are: £13.95 (front) or £13.95 (backside). The engraving of the first face is free, in case, you would like to engrave a text in the back side of the item then the cost will be: £8.95 per text line. The standard shipping costs vary from: £6.95.

Is it possible to come over to your shop?

No, it is not possible. We are an online shop with a factory in the far east. At the moment we are looking for interested agents and online sellers. In case you are interested in selling our products, please inform us by filling in the enrollement papers that are required.

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