Our technique for the engraving of your photo in jewelry and laser in crystal glass

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Our photo engraving and lasering techniques for jewellery and crystal glass:

Below you can read how we provide you a product that will keep your memories alive forever.

1. We use the digital photo that you upload during the ordering process or the photo you send us for scanning.

2. Your photo is then digitally optimized so that we can offer the best possible result. Our experienced technicians remove the background and adjust the format so that it can be engraved/lasered in the chosen product. To make your photo/image as clear as possible, it might be the case that the technicians also adjust the contrast and lighting.

3. Your edited photo is placed in the chosen item with help of our advanced software. This software uses a variety of grey scales, and interpretes white through dip points, grey by less dip points and black by no point.

For gold/silver jewellery and other metals…

My Personalised Photogifts uses a very specific, patented and self-developed dot-by-dot engraving technique. After around 10 years of experience we know the exact engraving depth that is needed for your photo to look as sharp as customers wish. The engraving skills of our specialised technicians guarantee the best possible result which it will, guranteed, not fade away!

For crystal glass…

My Personalised Photogifts pocesses the best lasers avalable which laser your photos in 6-10 different layers for the best quality and result. The more layers used, the sharper the result will be. Nowhere else are the photos lasered in so many layers. This is because each layer requires an extra longer period of time. We do not do any concessions to the quality of your photo in crystal glass, and engrave each photo based on the quality of them. This is unknown, here, in the Netherlands because usually the average layers used is of 3 layers. Many customers, who first bought their crystal glass somewhere else, see the difference with the crystal glass of My Personalised Photogifts. We have the best crystal glass for the highest quallity (K9) and satisfaction.

4. The product is made on your size requirements. Our professional machines work with a precision of 0.15mm. This means that we place 15 engraving/lasering points per millimeter. To give you an idea; more than 8.000 points are needed to engrave a photo in an average size jewellery or a crystal glass. Due to this precision we are able to provide a product with high-quality and accuracy. This is unique!

5. After your product has passed and been approved through our quality control team, the item will then carefully be packed and be sent the same day to the given address. My Personalised Photogifts would like once again to inform that we are specialists in the engraving and lasering market with years of experience, we use the most advanced machinery available in order to ensure the highest quality and sharpness. We do NOT engrave with colour lasers in metals. Engraving with colours in metals is another cheap technique used by other engraving companies. Engraving with lasers looks like a real photo is been pasted in the product/item, this makes any product less-elegant. Due to this, it is easy to scratch, and the colours and engraving fade away in a short period of time.

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