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Privacy policy

When you visit our website, we collect information for different purposes. Hereby, we would like to inform you  what information is collected and for what purposes. You will also be informed what your rights are and how you can apply them. My Personalised Photogifts respects your privacy and ensures that your personal informaition is confidentially handled.


My Personalised Photogifts manufactures personal products according to customers desires. We engrave your photo or logo in jewellery, gift items, crystal and more. We sell our products via our website and resellers who exploit their own websites. My Personalised Photogifts products are also delivered to shops, fairs and markts. Therefore, if you are interested, you could also be part of My Personalised Photogifts by selling our items.

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Privacy support
If you want more information regarding Privacy Policy, you can contact us via our correspondance address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Below, you can find couple of definitions that are used in this policy.

Visitors: Visitor of our website that is not necessary a customer.
Customer: Visitor of our website who buys an item and provide us his/her personal information.
Personal Information: Any information provided by a person which leads to that person.
Personal Information Process: Any action that involves personal information. It can take place as collection, process and/or delete.
Responsable: Person in the organization who is responsable for the process of personal information. For process of personal information as it is mentioned in this privacy policy, My Personalised Photogifts is responsable.

Personal Information Process:
In order to be able to provide you a good and personal service, we need some information from you. When you register yourself on our website, your name, (e-mail)address, telephone number and other information (provided) is saved and registered in our system. This information will never be given to third-parties but it is used for specific services that you ask for. My Personalised Photogifts process three kind of infrmation: identity, traffic and payment information.

Identity Information
This is information that you provide during the ordering and registration process:

  • Surname
  • Insertion (when applicable)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Place
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number

The ordering information is used to process and to send the order as soon as possible. Your e-mail address and telephone number can be of great use, for example, when there is any update or problem with your order. The e-mail address that you provide can be used for marketing purposes of My Personalised Photogifts. Your information will not be given to third-parties.

Payment Information
When registering payment information, we only keep the payment method (mastercard, visa, paypa. iDEAL, bank transfers). Bank information is not registered and all the payment methods can be safely performed.

Traffic Information
By traffic information you can think of registration of an IP-address*, installation of a cookie** and the registration and analysis of your click behaviour.

With the traffic information we analyse the surfing behaviour of our visitors. We analyse how the navegation is used, what pages are visited, and what items are ordered. By doing this we can ensure the improvement and functionality of our website and services.

Information Processing Goals
Below, you can see the purposes and reasons of why My Personalised Photogifts collects your information:

Identity Information is used for administrative and commercial purposes, such as:

  • Process of your order (administrative)
  • Delivery of your order in the given address (administrative)
  • Promotion, provition of information regarding deals, such as, newsletter (commercial)

Payment information is used for admistrative purposes, namely:

  • the payment for your order

Traffic Information is used for communicative purposes such as:

  • Improve and promote the fucntionality of the website

Linking via our website
My Personalised Photogifts website can connect the visitors to websites of third-parties that are not under control of My Personalised Photogifts. My Personalised Photogifts is not responsable in any manner for the content of the websites and its privacy regulations.

Secured Pages
Online payments are secured. The pages are secured with SSL, where your informtion is encrypted and sent, and therefore impossible for third-parties to see your (credit card) information. You can check the security by right clicking and choosing the option `properties`. You will then get a window with connectivity information. In `conection` is mentioned that it is a SLL-connection. Your credit card information, such as, the number, the expiration date will not be saved or registered.

Information Origin
The information that My Personalised Photogifts processes is obtained from visitors and customers of

Information Provision
My Personalised Photogifts provides your information to an specific circle of third parties which use the information for administrative purposes:

  • PayPal: for payments via credit card (visa, mastercard)
  • Rabobank: for payments via iDEAL and bank transfers.

My Personalised Photogifts does not provide your information to third-parties. The information is only used for the purposes mentioned in the this privacy policy.

Visitors and Customers Rights
As visitor or customer of our website you have the right to contact and request from our E-commerce department information regarding the processing of your personal data. The E-commerce department will inform you within 4 weeks writtenly what information is processed, for what purposes, where the information comes from, and to whom the information is provided.

You also have the right to request from the E-commerce department to protect and improve your personal information. You can do this in case your information is incorrect or it is being used for purposes which you do not agree with.

When you are no longer interested in the receipt of our newsletter, you can inform us via e-mail or unsubscribe via the ´unsubscribe´ button in the newsletter.

The people that handles and have authority to access personal information are required to keep in secrecy the personal information they come in contact with. In case that by any means, law or governmental issues arise and the information has to be disclosed, it will be done so.

In order to prevent access of unauthorized individuals to your personal information, My Personalised Photogifts has created different security measures. These measures helps against unlicenced access, usage, changes and accidental loss or distruction.

If, after reading fully and carefully our privacy policy, you still have questions reagarding the protection of your personal information during your visit in our website, please do not hesitate in contacting us, via telephone, e-mail or our E-commerce department.

My Personalised Photogifts is constantly updating this privacy policy according innovations, for example, in the fields of technology, laws and regulations. If, for any of these cases, changes will be made, our visitors will be informed via our website.

* An IP-address is an Internet Protocol address that refers to an unique destination on the Internet. This could mean that in some cases it could lead to the computer of the visitor. This information is essential in order to send the pages via Internet to the right computer. ** A Cookie is a collection of information, and registration file, that transfers the website to the computer's harddisk in order to be saved. A cookie does not identify the visitor instead it identifies the computer. Our website installs a cookie for an analysis of your surfing behaviour, in order to adjust our website to provide optimal services.

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