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100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If customers are not fully happy and/or satisfied with the item(s) then we would like them within 7 days to:

We would then like you to write a letter in which you state:

  • Order number
  • In what way the product did not fulfill your desires/expectations/requirements

We will then handle and judge your complaint, and in case that it is approved (for production errors for example) then we will make another product for you without any extra charges.

The new product will then be sent by a regular delivery service, even though it was sent by DHL (express delivery) the first time.

Tevredenheidsgarantie Face2face Fotograveren

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or REFUND

Still not happy/satisfied?
Please send an e-mail to: info[at] and we will refund the total costs of the item (including costs for: extra faces and/or text)
Ordering costs will not be refunded.
The refund will be made via Moneybobokers, our payment service provider.

Lifetime guarantee:

My Personalised Photogifts gives a lifetime guarantee on:

  • Engravings in 9 carat gold pendants and jewellery
  • Engravings in 14 carat gold pendants and jewellery
  • Engravings in 18 carat gold pendants and jewellery
  • Lasering in crystal glass; the guarantee applies for all crystal products
  • Lasering/engraving in all mirrors


The engraving and lasering of your photo(s) is made with constant care and quality. This is due to the fact that it is made in a standard and wise digital method by using our special computers and equipment.
The quality of your photo defines the final quality of the engraving.

The pictures and examples on our website represent what you could expect if you provide photos that fulfill our requirements.
We have assigned a different page for the photo requirements for an optimal engraving/lasering result.
We advice our customers to check and judge whether your chosen photos fulfills our photo requirements.

In case that your complaints are related to the fact that the photo did not fulfill our requirements, as mentioned in this website, then you are not entitled to a refund or replacement.

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Happy Valentine

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